Good Looking Pple Get Better Treatment! SOLID Proof HERE!

Pretty girls have it easy. Good looking guys win. I hate these 2 statements - they reek of the shallowness and absurdity of this world. But how do we change something so native to us - written in our DNA? The answer, suck it up, just chug it and move on...

We always tell ourselves that beauty is skin deep - well it is! What the use of being Paris Hilton when you have got a rotten sick character. Rotten inside but nice outside, that idea just doesn't take flight in my books! But then, time and time again we see more attractive people getting better treatment and it is not uncommon for women to get entrance into clubs based solely on their looks or body. Like #$%^&*(.. really pisses me off. Most of my best friends aren't the best flower in the park but they have stunning personalities. Can't we look deeper?

I pulled out this article which tells the sad truth of the state of humans today... how shallow we are. Is beauty really skin deep? Can't we learn to love those who don't look "perfect"? I think it lies with embracing what we have to give the world, despite what and how we look like... My prayer is for this world to be a more forgiving place...

*** *** *** *** STUDIES SHOW THE SAD TRUTH *** *** *** **

Do attractive people have any advantages? Are they treated better than less attractive? Is it important to look good on an application photo? According to our investigations the answer to these questions is yes. We could show that people are perceived more positively the more attractive they are.

In order to examine this hypothesis we presented a range of different faces (unattractive, average attractive and attractive ones) to test subjects and asked to judge the person shown with respect to the following personality items:

A selection of the faces that have been presented:

Attractive female faces:

Unattractive female faces:
Attractive male faces:

Unattractive male faces:
All faces do not exist in reality. They were created by using morphing software. Nevertheless, most of the test subjects have no problem to attribute certain personality characteristics to them.

The results are alarmingly clear. We found an enormously influencing attractiveness stereotype: The more attractive the presented faces were, the more successful, content, friendly, intelligent, socialble, accessible, exciting, creative and busy the persons were estimated. The opposite applies to unattractive faces: The more unattractive the faces were the more negative characteristics were attributed to the person.

The correlation between attractivity and positive personality characteristics is very high (correlation coefficients between 0.70 and 0.90). Earlier investigations could not find such strong effects. This is - contrary to other investigations - due to standardised conditions that we established in our experiments. We kept interfering factors, such as clothing, smiling, hair-style, jewelry, lighting effects or changing background consistent so that the only stimulus to be judged is the (more or less attractive) face itself.

A small comfort for all who are not so happy with their appearance: Those factors that we suppressed deliberately in our experimental design play an important role in everyday life. And it is possible to counter a bad impression by having the correct outfit. Nevertheless: It remains that beautiful people have an enormous advantage. Especially in situations where a good first impression is decisive, beautiful people benefit from their attractivity. And this is just because we are trapped by the simple false conclusion: "what is beautiful is also good".


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all, its pretty obvious that looks do play a part. But in the end how you carry yourself is even more important.

There was this show on the discovery channel sometime back, where they sent in 2 people of the exact same resume, but they made sure 1 is good looking and the other is not. They filmed the interviewer's response, no surprise who got better treatment at the interview.

eStee said...

Isn't it sad that this is the way we all judge each other? Reminds me of the book I just read, BLINK by malcolm gladwell, on snap judgments...

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes, people only get a passing impression of a person, and it's the looks that count most, unfortunately.

It'll take time to get to the personality part of a person, whereas a person's looks presents everyone with a quick snap judgment.

That's why I always point to the "Shrek" as the best example if anyone is to learn anything about not judging books by their covers. :-)

Peter said...

Though Blink has some eye-opening content and the content gives me chill when I read, I disagree with some of the things he talked about subconscious.

In the BBC TV Series Secret of Sexes The is One Episode talks about attraction The result: none of the scientific theories about attraction was right and how people are attracted to each other is still a mystery.

One important thing: the first impression of the person, if not talking, is formed based on the look (Geeks: Google him/her before you meet :D ), the real perception of the person is formed when people start communicating. So a good social connector who introduces people around and kick off a conversation is crucial in this situation.


It always reminds of this Citation Needed

Peter said...

to estee:
At the moment you didn't pick up my phone call, I was sad, then peace, and sad again till the second day. Then I saw your reply in your blog, after that guilt.

Unknown said...

Sicarii: Agree with the SHrek part! By the way I LOVE that show ! :)

Unknown said...

Peter: :) Thank you for everything! I owe you an apology!

Anonymous said...

hmm... am i attractive? *looks at the mirror*

Unknown said...

social psych .. haha ... actually a grp in my lab class did something similar ... though i dunno their results... din bother to ask though..

anyway, ARE YOU IGNORING ME ???? *sob* *sob*

Anonymous said...

wah never know that you need a research study to prove the statements.

I mean it has always been the case that been attractive is definitely a big advantage even though it is not everything.

Though it is sad that this is the way we all judge each other but i think one should know this is how the game is play and factor this into what you want to achieve. Means if you are not good looking, you either make urself good looking or just accept it and strategise differently. I am lazy so most of the time i take option 2..:)

eStee said...

sylv: ur adorable!!

Rayner: :) of course im not ignoring u, silly. Y would I? Congrats on commencement!

eStee said...

Astro: ur too humble about ur looks and if ur on option 2, you;re fab at making it work for u :)

Anonymous said...

estee, according to psychologists isn't beauty both perceived by males and females sum up to one thing which is beauty/physical attraction reflects good genes and good genes factor is the green light for the preparation for reproduction or simply a sexual instinct. i just saw nick carter's old school hair cut there lol. nice blog ;)

Unknown said...

I read an article once that said that attractiveness is all in the symmetry of a face. Babies found faces to be more attractive when they were more symmetric. I remember they measure Lyle Lovett's face and it was out of whack. Denzel Washington's face was perfectly symmetric.

Anonymous said...

As part of my Psychology course I am doing an investigation as to whether more attractive people would get an interview for a job while using the exact same application form. I have little doubt that being attractive will make a great difference.

Anonymous said...

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