I would love you if...

How many times have we come up with a reason like "I would love you if...."

Are we finding reasons just for the sake of so and coming up with random "acceptable excuses?"

Some of which are... I would love you if..

- my mother liked you
- you lived closer to me
- you were of the same religion as me
- you're not the right star sign
- we come from different cultures
- we're a world apart
- you're not in my social class
- you're ill
- you don't get along with my friends
- you're a party animal
- you're too boring

Sometimes we find a thousand and one reasons to claim someone is not suitable, but maybe the problem lies within ourselves. We're too scared to dive into something deeper.

Maybe its time to trash the maybes face the real reaons within.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a familar phrase to me... (as the recieving end) hahah

But really, it is probably several factors, but I guess that 1 factor would stand out the most or at least when said to the other party it would make them feel less hurt then if other reasons were said.

It just boils down to how straight forward and honest someone wants to be with another right?

Anonymous said...

how about....

I would love you if...

I was capable of loving someone?

I'm capable of loving my friends, especially my girl friends but I find that I am unable to love a guy on that level. Hmmm.... I'm pretty sure I'm not a lesbian. I just haven't found it in me to love that way.


Anonymous said...

Just like some pet owners... they need only one reason to get a pet, but dig tens of hundreds of excuses to dump a pet.

Unknown said...

arzhou: i guess ur right, sometime being tactful helps... white lie perhaps?

dawnie: girlfriends totally rock. :)

et: yup think its easier to keep a pet, puppies love u unconditionally!

Anonymous said...

Puppies? Hell no... they love us even til the day they die of old age. Even the day before my sheltie died, he came crawling into my embrace - only sadness is he crawled to me in pain.

Anonymous said...

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