Sleeping Safe, Hide my Fears

I was out shopping with mummy today, walking around Orchard Road after work. (Yay, means this week I've hit my quota of 2 days dinner with my folks!) We were just having girls time out and moving down one of the escalators in wisma when I was captivated by the image of a baby sleeping in his little stroller.

Embraced by a warm wooly blanket, tucked lovingly in the safety of his "cove", the baby lay silent, eyes shut, not a care in the world. I looked at this little life form, soft to the touch, precious to hold! How much he must be loved!

He looked serene, completely at ease, peaceful, at one with the world. That adorable face, the look that nothing mattered, that he lived in the center of his parents' universe. Then I wondered when was the last time I felt at peace with the world, at peace with myself and those around me.

Peacefulness and serenity are the best feelings in the whole world. Sometimes we're bogged down by the worries of life - school, work, money, etc. we have almost forgotten the last time we lay down on our pillow, sleeping safe, away from all fears.

Somehow I wished then I could trade places with the little babe, back in time when all that mattered was milk and sleep. Cradled and protected against the harsh realities of this world, but alas -- I have grown up too fast and have learnt that life isn't a bed of roses. We go through hard knocks, but learn to pick ourselves up, ready for the next hurdle...

When was the last time, you lay close to someone you truly felt comfortable with, someone you loved, closed your eyes and slept like there wasn't a tomorrow?

What would I not give to be a babe again...