Damn These Beautiful Girls

Isn't she b-e-a-u-tiful? Ming was telling how long he was searching for this song before he found it and I managed to youtube this clip. Reminds you a bit of Ally doing her "Whatever" pose right?

For the sake of those of you who didn't watch the Ally clip, here it is.

I know she's super adorable, but think about it, when she turns 14 and does it, now her parents have totally got a rebel they need to chain down! lucks to them then!

There is something about kids that warms the heart. I love them!!! Untainted by the world and innocent to the bone. What I would not give to travel back in time when nothing but playing and eating were all that mattered.

Man this guys is better than sean kingston himself!


Pleasure Delayer said...

Should not had seen your blog b4 class.... Tsc tsc .... Can t stop the "BeauLiFul GLiLLL" in my head... Should I raise my hand and say: "Prof I have this POTION that can turn adults into children and then eat and play is all you have to do to be happy"--- Value Proposition? Sure? Innovation??? Legal??? Market Size???"
Well all I have to know is to find "The Potion" ....

eStee said...

if u can get the potion, my dea, I'm sold. Ill get a lifetime supply and more! Yea the song is super catchy! Awesome yeah?

Anonymous said...

You are right about the second clip, indeed at age 14 or above, hearing that in that tone and expression, its just like people point middle finger to u. As fun and cute it is while seeing them doing that when there are just clueless innocent child, but hey kids learn from people close and around them. Bad habits and influence may be picked up, thats one of the reason we have problem kids, bully and mean people, all in all it comes down to parenting. Think about it, no one is born bad or evil, its the upbringing and surrounding factor. Every new born is pure and innocent.

eStee said...

bypassing: :) you're really deep thinker. Children will always be children. All of them go from cute to little rascals.. :) Totally believe upbringing is everything! Cheers to good parents, you sound like you'll make a fine one!

Anonymous said...

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