9 out of 10 MEN CHEAT

So it happens that I was talking to a friend yesterday afternoon who tells me he has compelling truth that 9 out of 10 men cheat on their wives.

I would never dare to say that I have never cheated before. I have... many a times. And do I feel any remorse? Nope. Why? Maybe because I brush off my shoulders off and tel myself that everyone does it too.

"Cheating"... the word brings with it many connotations - the good and bad and the ugly. Yes I have cheated, but not on any of my bfs, I've cheated on exams. Hell yes, I remember my primary school days, conjuring up methods upon methods to "wriggle" pass the education system's loopholes. One book I remember most is some Simpsons handbook for student. Man I told you, from that pseudo bible, I learnt 1001 ways of cheating in school, and you know what, it was a worthy investment.

But again, I digress, "cheating" here, in the opening paragraph, means to be unfaithful either to a spouse or in a mutually exclusive relationship. This friend of mine, has evidence from like I mentioned, very reliable sources that 9 out of 10 men cheat! I mean I always new that men cheated (as do women) but I didn't know the statistics were so alarming! Yes, perhaps 4 out of 10 would not be so surprising, but 9 out of 10?

Isn't that just unbelievable...??!!??

Then I thought to myself, we're talking here about the incidence of cheating and not the prevalence. Prevalence and incidence are different measures of a disease's occurrence. "Prevalence" means the number of people who currently have the condition, whereas "incidence" refers to the cumulative annual number of people who have a case of the condition. These two measures are very different. For example, a chronic incurable disease like diabetes can have a low incidence but high prevalence, because the prevalence is the cumulative sum of past year incidence rates. A short-duration curable condition such as the common cold can have a high incidence but low prevalence, because many people get a cold each year, but few people actually have a cold at any given time.

So 9 out of 10 as a cheating statistic is a high incidence, but I sure do hope the prevalence is low. 9 out of 10, come to think of it is possible, because as long as at any one time in your life, you've cheated on someone, you make up that number... Or maybe I'm just trying to console myself and trying to explain why this number can be deemed reasonable...

Wonder what this statistic is like for girls, I mean the men must be cheating with someone right, and assume they are the women??!!?? Is it only a select group who serial cheat or is it inherrently ingrained in our DNA?

With statistics of this sort, it's truly hard to defend anyone.. You tell me......


Miccheng said...

So those 9 men are cheating with... women? As a result - 9 out of 10 women cheat too? Maybe less cos some of the men cheat with men. But then again, the men may be cheating on their boyfriends too.

Oh its so confusing.

eStee said...

Yah I know, basically we live in a sinful world... it's a sad state... how to trust anyone, of worse still, anything?

Anonymous said...

other then looking about how many men cheat on their spouse, why not appreciate the good times the couple may have? Somehow I would say that a happy couple dosen't cheat. So it could be an indicator about the state of relationships in our society.

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Men so bad meh!9-10 is very very high! I think only applicable to 'ang moh' lah! Yes! Lady like 'missionary' style ( no so tired )!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

So 9 out of 10 men cheat but does anyone really know why?

Anonymous said...

Can you give me an advice? What should I do if I see the signs of a cheating husband?

Anonymous said...

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