TOP 10 Reasons to GET MARRIED (Female & Males Perspectives)

After receiving a downpour of feedback from my earlier post (TOP 10 reasons NOT to get married, I figured, we need to balance the scale a tad bit by offering the top 10 reasons why one SHOULD get married.

It's not like I'm against marriage, I think 23 is WAY toooooo young, but what would I know anyway? I've never been in a position to even think about getting married.


From the woman's perspective; she could marry for the following:

  • stability
  • love
  • Body guard
  • Someone you can fart in front of and not get embarrassed
  • Lawn boy
  • Car Mechanic
  • VCR Programmer
  • TV Remote Locator
  • Taste Tester for your cooking
  • Body Warmer

  • From the man's perspective:

  • Sex
  • personal slave
  • key locator
  • wallet locator
  • food preparation
  • lunch packer
  • child nurturer
  • phone dialer
  • family birthday reminder
  • schedule coordinator

  • But on a more serious note, here are the more realistic top 10 reasons, starting from number 10 down:

    No. 10: No one will ever ask you again—so, why aren’t you married yet?

    No. 9: You can bring into this world your future wheelchair pushers.

    No. 8: You no longer have to pay the single person surcharge on cruises.

    No. 7: You will never have to make over-compensating gestures to diffuse suspicions of homosexuality.

    No. 6: You no longer have to keep up the pretense of being content in the Lord alone.

    No. 5: You no longer have to wonder if you are going to get lucky on date night.

    No. 4: You no longer have to be the target audience of pet products commercials; you can join a whole new demographic group.

    No. 3: No one will ever try to set you up again with their awkward niece/nephew.

    No. 2: Your parents will only have one thing left to complain about—when are we getting some grandkids?

    No. 1: You no longer have to use I Corinthians 7 to justify singleness, but can now use that passage to badger your spouse into having sex with you. That’s the last time she will feign headache.


    Shingo T said...

    My male friend married early so that he doesn't have to always send her back to her home and then go back to his.

    Practical reasons. =p

    Getting married also means sex without guilt for some.

    eStee said...

    :) Yah I think getting married can save a lot of transport costs... but then that may mean you have to move out of your parent's and get a place of your own! In singapore, that might be not very affordable!

    convexset said...

    Rushing into marriage is generally what the clingy constantly will talk about. And by clingy i mean the i-can't-live-without-you--no-really types. Those are the least suited to marriage but the least likely to get married.

    Marriage is dangerous in Singapore due to societal expectations driving the unprepared into it. A friend's mom made this comment, "You young people, always need other people around." which totally encapsulated the anxiety of modernity. Marriage is then used as a way to have "someone" "there" all the time. Comforting in a sense, but possibly a one way ticket to maritial unhappiness.

    eStee said...

    Jeremy Chen: you sound like someone who will stay away from commitment... ah well, but men have an infinite shelf life, so easy for you to say...

    convexset said...

    That is not entirely true. In fact I jump in a bit too fast. Jumped. And I'm going to be very carefully now. I've twice invested too much. The first time I got burnt because "she found someone more interesting" after being together 2 years. The second, well, we decided not to do the halfway around the world thing.

    Being close to a person is not about being together all the time. It's not about having a person on call, which is different from having someone you care for and who cares for you to "be there". It's having someone that you enjoy communicating with and are utterly comfortable with.

    Other things too. Personally I don't know how much of that I truly believe in. But I know that it is how a healthy relationship can be maintained over a long time -- till death do us part.


    convexset said...

    hmmm.... by the way... How old do you think I am, by just looking.

    eStee said...

    Jeremy: You are obviously the youngest in the MBA class -- well if not hell - you sure look very young. I'd say 27? 28 MAX? But I really don't know since u went to MIT, which throws me off a tad bit...

    convexset said...

    oh crap.... now i'm really older.... without any context, what would you say?

    eStee said...

    Jeremy: Not a day past 30 -- that's as FAR as I would go, and it's already pushing it.

    convexset said...

    nah.... i'm 24 (25 soon) but it was soooooo sad.... when you said 27.... ouch!!! i'm supposed to be getting younger.... 24 pushing 23

    eStee said...

    How can u be that young? It's an MBA class! U need a couple yrs working first right??? That's how I came to that!

    convexset said...

    I'm doing this as part of an agreement which funded my course at MIT in return for doing an additional masters degree. It is all fun and exciting.

    [Oh no. Thread out of control.]

    ... about that. I think failed marriages happen when people not suited for it rush in. I'm rather fortunate not to have rushed into it sometime back although that looked imminent. How sad would it have been if I got engaged and got cheated on.

    So I guess an excellent reason to not get married is realizing that you haven't really thought what you are after through. Conversely, having understood what one is in for and knowing that a marriage is what one can keep happy and healthy should be an excellent reason to get married.

    Anonymous said...

    I would marry to have some one chauffeur me around!

    eStee said...

    Jeremy: We all make mistakes, the thing is to learn from our setbacks! Don't give up on love -- it does exist! :)

    Precious: You're kidding rite? Please tell me ur joking!

    convexset said...

    Well, I did not make that assertion. But one has to be careful and think things through... and a bit of situational awareness helps. =)

    Anonymous said...

    estee: Lol, well I really hate driving or having to hail taxis.

    Desiree's Daily Life said...

    LOVE this, it gave me a great laugh. Especially the part where men think of you as a key and wallet locator....that is so my husband. LOL! Great blog post. Thanks for sharing it.

    Anonymous said...

    My reasons for not being single:

    1) Someone to help you with back buttons/zips, etc

    2) Someone to take your strappy heels off for you when you're way too drunk to do it yourself

    3) Someone to keep my perpetually hands and feet warm

    4) Someone to eat all the food that I cook and never ever eat

    5) Someone to start a family with



    Anonymous said...

    Love does exist. Hurt comes as part of our need for love, but that is just part of the process of giving love. It should never take away the fact that it is a beautiful thing that is a gift from God.

    Anonymous said...

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