Community's 15 mins of fame on! MUST WATCH!!

Want to hear Uzyn's, DK's, Marina's, Arzhou's take on ?? We have the exclusive interview with them here on blogbuzz tv! Uzyn and the rest of the ping. sg community share their thoughts on the very special culture of this very special community!!

As you know, Ping, sg was started by Uzyn and it started because he was bored and wanted to read blogs in NUS, but didnt seem to be able to find a good pool of blog -- TAADAA!!

So so this marked the birth of Ping,sg...

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy guys! Long live! Sincere thanks goes to Uzyn, DK, Marina and Adrian for taking the time to come down to join me. Hmmm, our dearest darling sweetheart Daphne was there but too shy to get interviewed!!! :(


Anonymous said...

I only found out about the other day from DK's blog. It's a really cool project and you look/sound really professional - congrats!

Anonymous said...

great to know how ping started and evolved

uncle sha

eStee said...

Larry Lim: Thank you! May Ping and blogbuzz rock this house!

Sha: Next time u want to get interviewed? :)

Anonymous said...

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