Screw photoshop!!!!!! I don't need you!!

I am SOOOOOooOOOOO proud of myself. I don't know how to use photoshop, have never been able to edit any photos.. but I have managed to used picnik to edit my photos!!! This is my first try!!! Wooot! Pretty neat huh?

I am really so proud of myself! From now on I can start actually editing stuff. For the Above pic, I changed the saturation and added cooler colours!! I added this really funky frame too! Oohh and of course the stars to the hair and the hearts to the frame!... not forgetting

"9eek 9oddess"

Woot to Picnik. For bloggers who want to edit their photos, you will completely fall in love with picnik. It's this web application you will adore!!!!!

I am sleeping sweet tonight!!! :)


Anonymous said...

and the best thing about it...its free...well..kinda... ;)

eStee said...

Yes it is free, well I won't buy the premium service... but I'm damn tempted leh... how?

nadnut said...

pretty babes dont need photoshop! heh


niceeeee!!! will try out soon thanks for sharing!!!

eStee said...

nadnut: thats y i need. i am not u!

aron: seriously try it out man. Love at first... love at first "click?"

nadnut said...

lol! silly girl, i was referring to u! pretty babe! *jealous* lol.

eStee said...

nadnut: u so mind, tonight i cannot sleep oredi!

Anonymous said...

try gimpshop, which is free too! i must say its very good effort - nice pic (:

Y said...

Photoshop is one of the best developed products in the software world. It does more things that what you usually do and intend to do.

Why screw it anyway?


eStee said...

keith: thax!!

yuen chi lian: I'm being a sour grape puss :) cuz i duuno how to use it

bem69 said...

Great first try with Picnik, but I think you oversaturated your image. That's ok though, I remember when I edited my first photo, I got carried away. And by the way, that's just my opinion. Its a subjective matter :)

You shouldn't give up on Photoshop though. Learning Photoshop is beneficial because its a truly versatile product, and can aid you in creating and manipulating lots of stuff in lots of different areas.

Anonymous said...

Well all i can say is screw you because photoshop is top notch and i dont think it deserve this type of comment from you.
From what i can tell, the pic still sucks deep. a 6 yr old can do better with microsoft paint.

eStee said...

bem69 and anonymous: I do agree photoshop can do a lot better, but I can't seem to learn how to use it, and yes I blame myself. Although I've learnt many times, I could never actually "get" it. The saturation is too much, agreed, but I was going for that effect.

I think I will pick up photoshop in my next life :)

bem69 said...

Haha estee I'm not a photoshop fanboy. I'm more into doing vector graphics myself, and I'm learning to edit photos myself now (looking at online tutorials). Actually, its not the tool thats important, its still about what's you're comfortable with, so if you're ok with Picnik at this moment, more power to you :D

Anonymous said... how my evil friend would have put it...advice is...BUY BUY BUY!! ~EVIL THOUGHT~ :p

Anonymous said...

nice try at your attempt although I have to agree with bem 689. You oversaturate your pic and you should lessen out the contrast level and fiddle with the threshold else it will make all the unnecessary flaws become your greatest nightmare.

Photoshop is very easy to use but for newbies, i'd suggest you use Photoshop 7 instead of going for the deluxe and other high techies cuz it will confuse you.

NEway, Photoshop is about New Layers, Layer Style, fiddle with the Filters and other weird nonsense. You have to try and fiddle out with photoshop to get a hang of it because after that, it'll be as easy as Calculus.. oops I mean ABC..

Gd Luck!

Belle said...

1ST of all..yr pic is not that nice (fugly).really not that nice ( fug fugly )
with cs2/3 we can make yr pic brighter hence u will not look like u went for 100hours of tanning
and YR cake will prevail! go for cs!! gogogogogogoggo

cs are not just for cloning away pimply and keduts!!!

kow tow adobe photoshop cs2/3 WEE~~

Arul said...

Adobe is gonna be releasing the online version of Photoshop - called the photoshop express, watch out!

Anonymous said...

...well people around, I guess some or maybe many of u r like me designer who touch photoshop almost everyday.
guys, not every1 like us can use cs like our hand or legs. Giving comment of telling her to use cs not even seen right also. U guys miss out the main point. U all should comment or provide is how to
make the pic look more nice. Give useful comment then telling people switch software get more respect.

maestro said...

Well anything free is worth trying beside the effect seem good.


Chuckie Cotton said...

Photoshop is great actually if u're playing graphics..HDRs..or whatever..

Screw them them take such a long time to master ..Besides the brightness contrast setting is so bad..

I've being using Picnik for a few months..They rock..the colors are pro!!

Girl I support you in screwing photoshop!

Anonymous said...

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