REAL men DON't cry......

Real men don't cry... ah yes we have heard this statement countless of time.. but is it true?

Personally, men who cry are in touch with their sensitive sides and I very much prefer someone who dares to cry rather than hold it all in. Afterall, we're all human and the outpouring of emotions is, but instinct..

It has been ingrained into our DNA since young that crying is a form of attracting attention from out caregiver in a bid to seek solace...

I can relate to that. I remember when I was young, my sister had constantly scream for attention, totally redefining the word "crybaby". I used to detest the way she bawled at the slighest touch.

My mother said that as a kid, I rarely cried. Even on my first day in preschool, when all my peers were bawling and clinging on to their mother's tear-stained pants, I bravely stood in line, nonchalent to my surroundings, singing the national anthem as if I was andrea bocelli. (you get my drift..)

I don't remember myself being so hard harded though, so sometimes I tell others I was a crybaby so I come across as more sensitive (but seriously.. who am I trying to kid.. *evil laugh*)

Some pictures I pulled off various sites, which compound the fact that all babies cry - boy or girl- it is a form of expression that comes from birth.

"Gimme back my pacifier, you twat!"

I was randomly surfing and I came across this queer competition held in Japan. In fact after reading about it, I felt angry. How unethical!!!! Then again, Japanese are known to be amongst the queerest people in the world (the pranks they play on others and the fact that they sell soiled lady undies in public dispensers as if they were commodities... *shock, horror*


Held in Tokyo every late April, is...

a competition for the baby who can cry the loudest!!!!!

Held ’sumo-style’ in conjunction with local amateur sumo, who provides ’support’ for the competitors (also known as bawling babies).
In the event, which is thought to bring good health, Japanese babies face off against each other in matches to see who can cry the loudest.

How loud you can cry, I can cry louder, I can cry anything louder than you..
No you can't

Yes I can

No you can't

Yes I can...

"Cry louder you stinking lump of meat! Cry #$%^&*(), CRY!!!!! You're female! You're supposed to be more emotional, cry before I eat you up! I'm hungry!!!!"

"Lets shake these kids so hard, they'll scream their brains out!!! Muahahaha!!"

"Maybe pinching them real hard when their parents are looking might work!!!"
(look at the guy on the left, I actually think he is secretly squeeing the baby's $%^&)

I bet the kid in the red flappy underwear is crying of embarrassment... At least have the decency to properly clothe him!!

"Waaaaaa Waaaaa we're going to get eaten alive by these fatties!! Oh no!!! Their tummies feel like waterbeds!!! Help!!!"

boy on the left... " Damn these crap heads. To dress me in a ninja suit! How am I going to look good enough for this girl? She has a sour puss face! She must be turned off by me! How am I going to get lucky!!!??? *wail*"

Can’t get enough photos of sumo wrestlers making babies cry? Check out our other report on a similar festival held in Tokyo.

So men, what I'm trying to say is that crying is very natural, so let the tears flow...

As Justin Timberlake says it best... CRY ME A RIVER....


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I kinda subscribe to that homily that "real man don't cry" to some extent. I don't want a man who cries at anything; that's too metrosexual or in touch with his emotions for me. But I think a man who cries over really serious things or in private is a man who dares to feel and that's good. To be honest, I personally have a problem with crying. I was never a crybaby and never want to be because I think tears are a sign of weakness. Yes, I have issues.


JJ Jason said...

I never know that Japanese are having this type of competition.
so funny lar.