9eek 9oddess LIVE from Melbourne –DAY 3

GOOD MORNING SINGAPORE!! Ready for another day of pics of us girls camwhoring? Yes, we're still in Melbourne and after a late night of partying.. Dawnie and I...

.. as u can see, we wake up very late, all ready for lunch... *DARK EYE RINGS*.... but then shopping always gets the adrenaline a-pumping so here we go!!!!

We have sushi at this really fab place across the street.. the sushi rolls here are thicker and longer, so you can basically get full on 3 rolls.. plus a good bowl of warm nice miso..

Yummy yummy... we finish it all down... ready with all that stored energy to shop our pockets broke...

Then... I STOP DEAD IN MY TRACKS!!!!!!!!


NEVERMIND... next up... we hit the streets of Melbourne, with a good warm cuppa in hand... HOT guys again can? These 2 Aussie boys work in such a small cafe, it's not even funny. Then again, I don't mind working with either of these hotties in an even smaller place... :)

The squeezier the better yah? Bring it on, BOYS!

A retarded bottle of water... called another bloody water... $2.50 for mineral water... funny rite? what the write on the bottles of water, up the price, and make it more sale-worthy..

Cafe where they sit on crates....

PANDA (zhixiong)

WTH... no seriously, the last time I saw him was from eons back.. I remember the days he used to run the ACJC track in year 1... omg, he had the kind of hair that was like the mane of a horse blowing in the wind.. muscles rippling... yea.. you gte my drift...

It's been sooooo long -- I actually caught a glimpse of him the day before, but I was pretty far to call out... and Dawn said that if we're fated, we'd meet again and WOOOT.... seriously he was shocked to see me... of all places in MELBIE... but it was good.. I mean.. we're both grown up quite a bit since those JC days... (machiam I like damn old sia...? -- and of all places we take a pic right in front of some stupid out of point construction tractor... )

I digress... BACK TO SHOPPING!!!

We go to MELBOURNE CENTRAL and MYERS to kinda walk around.. and I fall in love with this swanky NIKE bag..... wth... Gold and not too sporty but very very sleek!!! I like!!

And I find a cute hat which says, " GIRLS GONE WILD".... oooh yes sireeee.. whatever happens in Melbourne, stays in Melboure!!!

ahhh.. pretend you didn't hear that!!! :)

Dawn = virgin??? ahhhhh... I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!! *JUST KIDDING*


YUP.... another one of my ex-boyfriends... (JUST KIDDING PLS AH....)

We then head down to Safeway... where we buy more Christmas pressies... and try one weird clothes and shit.... the kitty cat loofah on my right hand was gorgeous... *MEOW*

Below: Dawn in a very sexy Santarina pose.... HELLO NURSE!

I leave buying this for Miss Wendy Cheng... I think she should like PINK, plus it looks little juicy couture-ish.... I buy Mike a huge toblerone bar... pics later...

And we find some silly flowers to stick in our hair..... :) So Hawaiian... I did want to go to the beach with Dawnie and her friends.. but I think we overslept... (and we probably chose shopping over it.... heee)

We head off to one of the boutique chocolate shops with tons of jellies and cho-orgasmically-good-lates!!!

oooooohhhhh... yes DANGER DANGER!!!
FROGGIESSS!!! Chocolates inside, of course!!! More belowww!!

We bought a couple to share between us... I has a Grapefruit filled jelly which was DELLIISHHH!
(@#$%^&*() the diet... it's the hoooleedaayyyss can?????)

Chocolate shoe.... OMG.. the shoe was like sooo huge...

I wanted to buy it for Sophia... but then I think they would melt on the way back... plus it was so freaking expensive (thanks to Dawn for helping me to make wise choices... you're the best!!!!)

We visit a couple more high-end shops (of course window shopping lah...) We're angelsss!!!!!

Dawn's uber hot Blonde Aussie chick friend, Torri.....
We go to this Victoria Secrets (imitation) store... which sells very very VS stuff and at very premium prices... the underwears were sooooo pretty and the jammies were so damn nice... but like $80 for undies...
WTH... I don't own a money printing maching can?????

Wooot, yes, playboy sells everywhere. Boys and Girls love them now. There's this whole line of Playboy makeup.... which to me, was like honestly, pretty

EWWWWWWW... it's like dammit.... got aids not these lipsticks????

(of course not la, pls don't sue me!, Uncle Hugh Heffner!)

Yah... Dawnie also buys this cute pink LAVA LAMP... for her already too pink room....

Then more of my spoils from Myers... toblerone for Mike, Chocolates for Dawn's mother, presents for my friends, mum, dad, ming, shimmie..

(yes a lot of them are chocolates, grow fat dammit people.. if I cant lose weight I'll make all my friends look fat so I won't look so massive!!)

Summore clothes.. I bought more dresses, but I can't seem to find the pics and I can't be bothered to unpack my clothes and take more pics... I'm so broke dammit.

In the night when Dawn went to work, I met up with Cornelius... which was honestly really good. It was a short time over coffee (read: diet coke) but yes, it was good to meet an old friend. I've known this bummer for like what, 7 years??? :)

I know he looks pretty shy here, but he is more BUAY HIAO BAI in person... (buay hiao bai mean shameless and thickskin... hahah)

I'm going to watch Phantom of the Opera with him on Tuesday night.. I'm quite excited, considering I haven't watched it before....

Anyways, I'm tired... I'll leave you with a cute pic of Dawn all decked out in her very STEPFORD WIVES outfit for the way... till tomorrow.. I'll keep camwhoring!!!



BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

i love sushi!!!! (found in the earlier part of the post)... Do you love sushi as well???? feel free to visit my blog ya! Muakz...

eStee said...

I love sushi la.. in fact I'm having itfor lunch!!! wooot... going to your blog now!

nadnut said...

the dresses are damn nice!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to put my liquid allover your face.

Anonymous said...

I want to put my liquid allover your face.

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