Signs that SHE LOVES YOU (things a girl WILL NOT admit to)

Sorry girls, I have to give away our secret. Surefire signs to show a girl loves a guy. How do boys know you care for them even when you don't say it? Sometimes, it take more than words to prove your affection.. diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what a girl really wants is for that special someone to make them feel more than diamonds.

(Sandwiched between us is Desmond, our toy boy for the day!!)

You all know Nadnut and I went shopping for V DAY gifts and such right? As much as we did have great fun "bitching" together, really what was important for us girls was that in the end it's not what you say, but what you do that counts...


1) She is interested in your life. (NOT JUST YOUR BANK ACCOUNT)
The girl wants to know who you are, what you believe in and what you have been up to. No, and this doesn't mean she is possessive, (unless she really really is). She wants to listen to you when you talk and share with you your experiences.

2) She likes your friends/family and wants to "hang" with them
You are only as close to your gf as you are to her gf. So in that same vein, she, wanting to hang out with your friends shows that as much as you like them, so does she. Even better will be when she makes the effort although you know she dislikes them. As long as it pleases you..

3) She tells you how wonderful you are (even if u are a douchebag)
Because with all your imperfections, she still thinks that you are her knight in shining armour, even if the world doesn't believe in you, she does.

4) She cares about what you think and wants your opinion
Boys, don't mistake this for insecurity. In fact be flattered that she has factored you in her decision making process. If you weren't part of her life, why in heaven's name would she give a flying ratsass!???! Don't see it as a chore when she asks for your opinion, even if you see it as trivial, it is not to her.

5) She isn't ashamed of you
I can't further emphasize this. I used to remember the days when on dates my ex bf preferred going to isolated places. I thought he was being romantic and all but when my blinded eyes started seeing, it was apparent that he didn't want to be caught out with me. (ohhh and I thought I was a prize then, how wrong!!!!) So if your gf isn't ashamed of you, she wouldn't hide you.. no matter what the excuse is)

6) She gets upset when you say the most insignificant things
"Ooooh I saw a hot girl today.." Yes, maybe she might reek of hyper-possessiveness but if your girl didn't react to you drooling at another bombshell, doesn't that mean she couldn't care less? Even a small sulk to show her displeasure should rubs your already exploding egos.... (if you're buttasswipedouchebag ugly then it might be another story if she ignores your comments altogether, perhaps she knows no one else will fall for u)

7) She takes care of you (and your shrinking wallet)
It upsets her when you miss lunch because of work, or if someone says something nasty about you. She defends you when some old fart insults you. She doesn't want you to splurge on her because $$$$ can be spent on better things. She doesn't demand presents all the time (of course surprises once and then are nice). She wants the best for you, she cleans up after you, and hates u doing things to yourself that are self effasive like drinking or smoking...

8) She's happy around you
Even if you're both doing nothing -- just lying in bed or next to you, you know she is happy. A smile says a thousand things, a sparkle in her eyes tells u everything.

F0r those interested, this a clip of us girls playing dress up, all for the fun of it!


brian koh said...

i agree with most except point 3 about the douchebag bit. well, just a slight agreement.

if you really are a douchebag, don't make her life any more miserable and don't use her as a crutch..

i guess what im trying to say is, girls, stand up for yourself when you know he's a douchebag and when enough is enough -)

eStee said...

:) use a douchebag the way it was meant to be used... puke on it!

Anonymous said...

It's such a simple logic, yet alot of guy doesn't even know much about it.

This is most interesting.

Dating Pop

eStee said...

we don't blame them, they are called GUYS for a reason!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

8 only?? i tot theres more...LOL douchebag reminds me of southpark

Anonymous said...

How cute... too bad some guys are oblivious to the signs or choose to be oblivious... *SIGH*

I identify with the douche bag I always say: "He may be the biggest ass on earth but he's my ass."


Hope everyone had a good V day and didn't break the bank too much.

Anonymous said...

eh...estee sayang, douchebags are used for "spring-cleaning" purposes for the ladies' southern parts... no an airsick bag lei. hee

Anonymous said...

If I were a chick I just might agree with you LOL.

3POINT8 said...

8 only??? I'm sure there are a million more secrets...

eStee said...

There probably are a million more but this blog is PG13, not R(A)

Anonymous said...

well as i gues he got some of the points right.. but still there are some things which are untrue too... we might give the best of everything to him but in the end we still get ditched..ciao

eStee said...

yeah the world is unfair.. many worthy pple get ditched daily

Anonymous said...

This is so right to the spot!

Anonymous said...

Guys really do take girls for granted.... if he realised she does these 8 things and more just for him, he would know she really does love him, even if he is an arse. !!

Anonymous said...

Yo Girlfriends. Just like to say, this list is the bling. I also went to see new Batman film other night. You guys should take a break from all this love crap and go see the new Batman. I really love it - I want to sleep with it. Weird, huh? I actually want to sleep with a movie.

I think I am in love with it. With a movie. I don't know how it will react if I tell it that I love it. What can I expect? HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OMG I am a girl and I can't believe I didn't know this about myself of what a guy would see and me not see myself I can't believe I made a fool of myself I got so mad at my family that I accidently told my friend that I loved him I don't love him not now but I apoligized and he was okay with it thank God he forgave me I'm used to saying that to my family memebers thats why it slipped out but I thank God he forgave me!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My gf and I have totally different taste I don't like what she likes she doesn't like what I like I told her so many times what I like but she doesn't care what I like she just gets me what she likes and something cheap when she's pissed of she won't even call or MSG me at all even if I call her she won't answer or reply to my msgs doesn't matter how many times I try she doesn't like going shopping with me when she's with me she just sits there and tries to talk other then that she won't even touch me or anything unless if I touch her I don't know what's going on in her head some things she listens to me but she does what she wants even if I tell her if I don't like it I don't know what to do I don't even know if she truly loves me and ideas guys?

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