Should I have a CHILD or NOT?

You know, many couples go through the dilemma of debating between themselves.... "whether or not they should have children, and how many..."

When I was young, I used to watch this show by Bill Cosby called, "Kids say the darnest things". I remember cracking up and laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Then again until I heard horror stories of kid poop smelling horrible, and that feeling of breast feeding is like putting you nipples through a food processor, those very thoughts subversed itself and told me kids are just nothing short of pandemonic!

Nonetheless, how would you know when is the right time to have children and if so, how many. The cost of raising a child now is no small sum. With college education thrown in (a decent US university), you would need about S$1000000. That's one million!!!! If it's a local uni, perhaps, S$500000. That's a mean sum too.

Plus a kid either, adds a lot more joy to a couple's existing relationship, or could, possibly tears 2 people apart - I've seen it happen both ways. Just wondering what are the factors that influence the outcome?

Anyways, just some random thought clouting my mind this early morning...

Will share with some some "darnest" things kids say to cheer your morning up! Do feel free to share your thoughts about the abovementioned issue as well! :)

So... kids or no kids?


ZB said...

NO KIDS for me within the next 6-8 years!!! after that only i'd think about it :p

eStee said...

Hi Esther:

For me I think I really want kids, but like after marriage should have 1-2 year personal time first.

But definitely want kids. Love them. But marriage sure can wait... for at least some time...

Anonymous said...

Kids yes. Immediate after marriage, probably not. But then, must weigh personal time vs over-age mother you know... at the end of the day, it's the lady who will suffer if giving birth at an older age, so must talk it out lor..

Anonymous said...

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