9eek 9oddess' take on Blogger's Treat

Watch 9eek 9oddess as guest blogger on Episode 3 of Blogger's Treats! Well, it was a great surprise to me actually to be featured on blogger's treat. The truth was that... it wasn't mean to be me!!!! *sobs*. Andrew Peters was supposed to be the "star blogger", but at the last minute, he had a small accident (feel sorry for andrew)... and yaaaaaayyy I get to bring Sabrina to the Geek Terminal :) *3 cheers* (I don't mean this in a meanie tone!)

Thanks to Mike, Aaron and Princessa, they made me feel so loved and... who can reject free gooood food? Hee hee... sorry for being cheap, but I just loved watching Danny work his magic on the coffee machine. Sexy huh? ...

I hope you guys like Blogger's Treat. Over that last weekend as well, I managed to film another episode of The Geek Goddess Show. I'll post the clip up tomorrow so stay tuned!!! For those who can't wait, I already have it on my facebook page!

Love u all darlingsss!! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

WOW! TV Celebrity D... Can I hv your oto-graph? :p

Anonymous said...

Now maybe ppl will noe who 9eek 9oddess is when they discuss in forums... I like their coffee making machine though!

eStee said...

michael: haha pls..f...aaa...rrrr from it!

eric: u like the coffee machine? I tell u the coffee is muuuchh beettteerr!

Anonymous said...

REally? Erm k maybe will drop by some other time to try their food n coffee...

But the show really has too much of advertorial content lol!

Must learn to b more subtle in product placements next episode.

eStee said...

eric: we didnt do any product placements!

Anonymous said...

estee dear u speak a lil too fast! the tone's kinda sharp tho. i wanna hear the sexy version voice :)

Anonymous said...

The food is wat... Since when u have a sexy voice?

Aaron Koh said...


I'm Aaron, the producer for the show. Thanks for the comments about the food placement.

Blogger's Treat is a food show where we invite bloggers to bring us to their favourite food place.

It is, therefore, inevitable that we showcase the food.

Besides, Geek Terminal did not pay for the show and the Blogger's Treat team paid for the food that was shown in episode 3.

Hence, it doesn't qualify as an advertorial.

We do offer to pay for the food all the time, but there are some stall owners who simply refused to accept any cash from us and have been generous to offer them for free.

For that we thank them for their generosity.

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