Me Love Him

Today, I managed to talk to CC for a bit -- I've been traveling so much, so since today my trip to KL got canceled, I managed to catch up with her, which made me 1 very happy Cheshire cat. Meow.

3 weeks back we were just talking about how she and her bf had issues to settle, and today, she said "Me Love Him - A Lot".

WOW. How my friend's lives can move so quickly in just 3 weeks, and how I seem to be so left behind, from all this cross border travels. How does "like" morph into "love".

It's hard to say really, but for her I think she realized it only after a major argument they had. Must it be like that? Anyway, just got me thinking about how happy she is, she sounds, she acts, and makes me think the world is perfect again -- even just for this transient moment. When she talks about him, I can hear the happiness, and I just bask in it, like a sparrow in the winter sun.

I will have a happy weekend :)

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