The String Theory

Let's just make it straight that the string theory does exist. And I am proof that it does. I'm talking here about getting strung along -- getting taken for a ride.

I'll explain more in greater details, off to catch a flight this AM.


I met Grizzy and AJ for dinner yesterday and, you know what? It kickstarted my week with a bang. I am becoming a happier person. Although ruminating on the state of imperfection in my life seems to be something I can't pull the plug on so quick, I think I am learning the live and let live. To let go, to realize that I can't please everybody, and I am learning to open myself again to trusting anyone male.

My mind is steel now, how I rejoice that new friends have entered my life just at the point when I was my lowest. There are bad people in this world, I almost never knew that, but now I realized that indeed, the world is a cruel place. I have just got to be ultra careful about the ever circling sharks... they prey on stupid gullible people like me.

Grace told me that I cannot be jaded, I need to believe that the concept of love does exist, that I cannot harden this old soul of mine. And part of me believes her, part of me wants to scoff at what she says. But I hold fast to the thought that God has a plan, and whatever we face, it fits in to the ultimate plan that God has. Pain makes us stronger, makes us know what we want and need, makes us realize what is bad for us, teaches us to run away.

Yes, the string theory does exist, it's just that I've snipped the strings which used to act at shackles around my feet.

Let's dance!


Hah! AJ's office might just be relocated to Subang Jaya. How come it's so unfair that he gets to house in the good parts of Subang? Mamee's office is really in the middle of no where!!!

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