Why should I feel angry?

When all we need is love....


Up at 5AM in the morning to clear work emails, I have been so tired recently. Maybe it's the late nights, and the traveling must be getting to me.

I got back at 630PM last night and crashed at 7PM -- only to be awaken by my alarm at 5AM. I think there are many things I need to catch up on, not only sleep.

3 days in KL is bad for my social life, and many other things. I feels sometimes almost disconnected from Singapore, at times.

But I've become so accustomed to this clockwork of going back and forth that sometimes, I just so through the motions without thinking...


I was picked up by a high ranking person from some television broascasting company 2 days ago as I flew into KL. Let's just say he was pretty aggressive -- and he had a ring on his finger. I had to turn him down like 5 times over 15 mins? I feel somewhat jaded at the world. Married man? On business trips? I hope this is not typical of married men.

On the cab off to office, my mind was swirling around, drowning in thoughts. Are there any good men left? There must be very few, where do they reside?

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