First Muay Thai Fight

Alex was so sweet to ask me out for a Muay Thai match today! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Had so much fun. Although I don't understand how 2 pple would stand to gain anything from being in a enclosed space to beat each other up, the 10 matches today I watched practically oozed with sportsmanship and tons of pain and sweat.

Words like "upper cut" , "flying punch" thrown around -- got me all psyched up! I really had a ball of fun. I like alex a lot. I think he is a kind person with a heart of gold. I'm sad he's left Mamee, but now he'd turned from colleague, to ex colleague, to bosom buddy in KL. I think he is someone I can confide in a lot, he knows a lot that's going on in my life and best of all, he doesn't judge. And in return I also know the things going on in his life and by that same vein, I never judge. I hope and wish him happiness with his new girlfriend. I know they have a ton of obstacles to overcome, but with love, when there's a will, there's a way. The odds are simply stacked against him, but no one ever died trying to hard.. So I wish my dear friend all the best.

I am happy, my spirits are high as I sit in a cab,m furiously typing away on my blackberry, on the way to the airport. I've had a long hard week. And last night, was one of the rare fridays I stayed in my hotel room after dinner and read myself to sleep. Me, myself and I on a alone (but not lonely) friday night. 9 full hours of sleep, how blessed I am.

I have been spending a whole lot more time medidating in my room these evenings in summit hotel. I think my pain of yesterday was a way God has been trying to call me back into his temple. I know things happen for a reason and although it pinches occasionally still when I'm reflecting, I trust that things will get better, that I will soon open my heart and mind again to run on 100 full potential - to slay the world.

I have been thinking.. Why worry about tomorrow? Why spend so much time on things beyond my control? I want to live my today to the fullest, I want to spend time alone preparing my heart, mind and body for what God has planned for me.


I am meeting zhenchang for dinner tonight. I don't think ill recognise him, I haven't seen him in what, 5 years? Oh guys, pls don't mistake this guy for my first bf, although they hv similar names.. I haven't been out with a guy one on one since J and I ended it. I wonder how it will be... But he's coming with me to the man u screening tonight at st. James. I hope he'll have fun cuz perhaps he's not all that into soccer. And best of all, I get to meet guanling, the young girl that I fell in love with. I think we are going to just have a smashing time ahead.

I pray for the week ahead, that it will be met with blessings and love, compassion and grace. That I will continue to grow in happiness and peace, that I will be able to lift my head and smile, for the future is nothing but bright, and the skyks my limit.

Happy weekend, people!

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