Here in YOUR presence

... we come undone...

Oh Lord, that is oh so true.. being undone in Your presence, bowing at Your feet in total worship and adoration. I am struggling indeed to hear you more keenly, to rely on You more keenly. Sometimes I feel people around me are accelerating so much more quickly than I am and I covet more of You. More Lord, more until you saturate me and until I become totally undone at Your feet.

You deserve all glory and praises, you are worthy, you hold my life in the palms of Your hands. Lord, you know my innermost cry, needs and desire, you know me from the inside out and that's how I want to know you as well.

I want to be unraveled, in total awe every day for the rest of my life, because above all, You are worth it. Every single bit, every ounce of me.... beats and lives for You and only You.

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