I was the heartbreaker

"But you just keep on coming back incessantly
Oh why did I have to run your game on you
You should have known right from the start
I'd go and break your heart"

Some people think that only the heartbroken are hurt, sometimes it hurts a lot to break a heart as well, especially if you know it's for the better & if u still love that person.

Have u ever looked at iy from another angle?


H. said...

That pic is quite....gruesome...but I guess it conveys the pain ba. Ouch though!

Don't get too sad over these kinda issues, since I like to think that there are many more happy times then sad ones, just that people don't really know how happy they are until they lose it. Cheemeology.

eStee said...

i know - totally cheemology. But I will act like I understand it and agree with you nonetheless:)

brian koh said...

i think Sarah McLachlan says it best in her song, Wait

"you know if i leave you now
it doesn't mean that i love you any less
it's just the state i'm in
i can't be good to anyone else like this.."

eStee said...

sounds like a great song. In fact, ill go pirate it off someone now :)

Unknown said...

I know how you feel .... walked down that path before... ain't a good feelin'.. but like I told you, A coin will always have two sides..

In getting hurt, people learn and get stronger, ready for the next hurdle..

In hurting, people learn and get more tactful in future, minimising the pain from the next hurdle..


eStee said...

rayner: I agree with you - people grow stronger with each experience they overcome. What wont kill you truly will make you stronger!

Anonymous said...

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