Meeting the men from GOOGLE @ Geek Terminal

From left: Bill, Dionis, Me, Meow, Peter, Derek Callow, Audrey, Dickson Seow, Shirley, Nic, Daryl & Wayne

When Mayda from The Hoffman Group called me regarding arranging a meeting between Google and TDM, I was like WOOOOT!

It's not everyday you come face to face with the wonderful people of Google. Well, I mean, it's been some time since TDM arranged meet up, so having the opportunity to be in dialogue with the big guys was a chance we jumped at.

Google is always seen as the money making giant in the valley -- the semi-Godlike company in Mountain View. But hey, coming face to face with them was such a good experience.

I won't be a spoiler and reveal much now, but with 2 new additions, Daryl Tay and Audrey, we set for some good shit ahead!



Anonymous said...

I am indeed ready to contribute towards "good shit". Not responsible for any health issues ;)

eStee said...

:) welcome to the family.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel like licking the feet of an employee from google?

eStee said...

noooooo wayyyyy... well unless brad pitt moved to google

Anonymous said...

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