Jas and the truth + ANA!

Met Jas and Hansen for lunch today.

And in the car, Jas told me the most horrible thing ever.

"Babe, you know that most men cheat right? most of my friends are not happy in their marriages. You should see what goes on in KTVs, when I go entertaining, the men just lap it up. I will never date anyone from my industry"

I must live in a bubble. A HUGE bubble.

I told her then and there to get married to Chin.

Let's hope it happens soon, she deserves to be happy!

And I refuse to be jaded. Avoid the obvious at all costs!


Children are so lucky, can you believe this is the playground at Sembawang Shopping Centre???


I have fallen for the smartest girl in history. Meet Anna and her tooth bag :) She has just lost 3 teeth!


This has started to be a good month. Sally and I smashed our sales target!


Cornelius said...

Hey, thought you might like this, seeing how you've been posting so many music videos lately.


eStee said...

I love the song, the MTV is awesome! A lot of women need to know love is what they deserve, just have to be patient.

Cornelius said...

Just glad that you liked it.

eStee said...

Come back to SG soon!