I want to be a JOSEPH

Just last night, I had such a mighty revelation, and as I lay in my bed, I heard the greatest sermon ever and after a huge cry, I saw a HUGE rainbow! Yaay! I will perhaps share more about the sermon by Danny Silk another day as I'm getting so much revelation from it up to now. And there are so many things I feel I am being prepared for and I'm still trying to piece together what God is telling me. But I'm seeing Him show me the way, and it is getting clearer. And it is looking GOOD! hahahaha!

I want to be like Joseph. I am aspiring to be like Joseph. As I read his story, I am filled with admiration for this mighty man of God. Not only did he not expose his brothers for being evil to him and for hurting him and destroying his life, even when Joseph was being victimised by his brothers and the opportunity came when he could have withheld grain from them and threw them in the dungeon, Joseph never once dishonoured his brother. No one ever got to know the offences his brothers perpetrated against him. Joseph protects his perpetrators with his mouth. He chokes back the tears and he is so hopeful the situation will turn out for good that he weeps alone, not wanting to expose his brothers.

And that blew me away. This man knew his identity. He was confident in the dream God gave him despite the circumstances. His evidence of forgiveness was unconditional, he moved towards his brothers with supply, grace and honour and gave them what they did not deserve.

Ultimately we rest in unforgiveness because we dont believe God. God restores all things, and hope gets extracted from you when terrible things happen. We believe that man have more power than God (and we have lost everything) and we feel the need to take things into our hands so that justice is served. When bad things happens, our innocence is robbed and we lose our dreams. But until we actually believe what Joseph believes, which is no one can rob me of something which God cannot restore, then we start to be able to release the idea that we have been ripped off.

Learn to see you offender in the way God sees them, like how Jesus, before he died, said "forgive them father, for they know not what they are doing".

There's heaps more i can go on, but I have a very busy day today! LOL


Anonymous said...

Amen! Great revelations.

I was reading Ps Bill Johnson's book When heaven invades earth when these points came out strongly to me.

Any revelation from God's Word that does not lead us to an encounter with God only serves to make us more religious. The Church cannot afford "form without power," for it creates Christians without purpose - When heaven invades earth, p.87.

Teaching must be followed with action that makes room for God to move to move - When heaven invades earth, p.88.

Suddenly I could make sense why James in the epistle of James wrote faith without works is dead(James Chapt 2). We are spiritual beings with a soul and body. When we receive a revelation in our spirits, our minds (soul) are renewed and we translate that into an action in our bodies.

Every faith act that comes from His revelation pleases God, does good to His people and fulfills God's purpose(Read more Heb 11).

Jesus said to the paralytic, "Your sins are forgiven you, Arise take up your bed and walk."

When Jesus healed the man who was born blind, he asked him to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam. John 9:6-7:

When He had said these things, He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. 7 And He said to him, "Go, wash in the pool of Siloam" (which is translated, Sent). So he went and washed, and came back seeing.

You are really amazing to receive revelations after revelations after you listen and dwell in God's words. Many times we tried to look for God in the supernatural instead of just spending time in His word which is inspired by His Spirit for all benefits (2 Tim 3:16).

Do not stop there with your revelations and go some more for your breakthroughs.

Do you have any one you have to forgive who may have unjustly caused you hurts?

We forgive because we were first forgiven. And the debt that we were forgiven were huge.

Do you believe that eventually God will work all things for your good even though you may not understand them now (Romans 8:28)?

Do you protect your perpetrators even though they have hurt you and not damage their names by your testimonies or sharings to people close to you? (They may not know what they are doing)

You are greatly blessed, deeply loved and highly favored, daughter of the Most High God.

P.S I really think you should read this small palm sized 90-paged booklet titled Your miracle is in your mouth by Pastor Joseph Prince, a highly anointed pastor in Singapore. See if you can get it from your friends.

Be blessed.

eStee said...

Wow my special friend and ONLY reader and commenter on my blog. Thank you for taking your time and loving on me. I don't even know you or your name!

I don't know if u are aware of the things happening in my life as I am trying to censure some stuff so it isn't too obvious but yes in the last month, I have been hurt by one person in particular so deeply I wished I would die. But God had other plans I guess, which is why I am still able to blog, lol.

Yes I am willing to forgive him and cover the shame. It is hard, who will bring me justice. But as u said and as Danny Silk said too, if I believed Romans 8:28 enough, justice would not be a point of discussion as I would have ultimate confidence that. God can restore. I am learning to discipline my mind and tongue. I really need God's help as I do want to honor the person who has hurt me greviously.

Listen to Danny silks latest sermon on ibethel on 'expectancy' shared on Oct 12. He shares about not putting God in a box and not taking offense to things we expected God to do but didn't. I struggle sometimes with why God didn't protect me from the hurt or why can't God do the things I ask him for in prayer.... And this message really helped me surrender all, and trust papa god to do what he does best ;)

eStee said...

Do you protect your perpetrators even though they have hurt you and not damage their names by your testimonies or sharings to people close to you? (They may not know what they are doing)

By the way to this question, I think disgression has to be made because if someone asks u for a character reference, u can't lie or hide your perpetrators shame. U may need to tell the truth. Or if someone asks u for a personal opinion of someone as they may want to conduct some dealings with that person, it would be dishonest not to let them know the truth. But to the everyday folk, yes there is no need to air dirty laundry

Anonymous said...

I recommended you to read Your miracle is in your mouth because I saw you have the pattern to proclaim your years as getting worse and worse. I break that in Jesus' name. If you want to see good days, you have to say good things about yourself and your life.

Am I am the ONLY reader? The blogosphere is very public unless you keep private blogs like me (not private to God anyway). I read your friend Estelle's blog a few years back (less so now as she blogs more about the fun things like clubbing and taking holidays which I don't do) because she is so good with tagging keywords related to Christianity and so I found her by chance through Google.

But I do agree I do take time to comment on your blog because I was in a total mess in 2011 (I don't want to say like you cause it couldn't be as we are different) and I started to write and pour out everything to God and build a really close relationship with Him through writing and keeping private blogs. I have 2 now and is really looking forward to build the 3rd one in 2016 if the rapture never comes by then (I have already have an idea for the name which is a continuation for my first 2 that I have built. I pray the free wordpress domain name won't be taken).

As time passes, God started to answer my CRAZY prayers and do CRAZY things in my life so He will do the same for you.

I love blogs and here and then when I come across good ones and get spiritual insights and revelations, I'll write in my own private blog (I don't read everything as my mind is too fickle). When I posted the prophetic illustration of That plant that flowers in your comment, I posted it in my own blog too.

I do consider your blog pretty amazing and deep so I stayed a little longer, hope you don't mind (I'm not stalking you and I promise the comments will cease after the objective of mine is met).
A few other really amazing blogs I have found recently this year are -

I saw one of your posts titled and the //postedit// section at the bottom which I felt uncomfortable. I think I love this brother because He has a calling and actually answers the calling to be a pastor, which to me, is the hardest amongst the five fold ministries of God.

It's not easy to answer the call to be a pastor to shepherd God's sheep. Many would rather be a miracle worker, "boom" some miracles, get some people saved, and throw the sheep in the sheep pen for the pastors to take care of. If the pastor doesn't have a wife like Chelsea Smith, who is the wife of the pastor Judas Smith, who is beautiful on the outside yet can minister to herself and take care of the kids at home to allow her husband the full attention of taking care of God's sheep, wouldn't he be burnt out sooner or later? You do have what it takes to be another Chelsea Smith because you have the power of God in you or maybe you already are which I obviously don't know just by reading your blog but the other question you may want to ask is - Do you really want to marry a pastor and be a pastor's wife?

So bottomline is - can take //postedit// down?

P.S Most probably my last comment anyway. I'm tired. God can I have my sleep back? Thanks.

eStee said...
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eStee said...

Hey -- thanks for taking time to write so much. Yes I am also inspired by Pastor kenneth's blog. I read it too :) I find his posts very insightful, and easy to read.

Do I really want to marry a Pastor and be a Pastor's wife? No, I have never dreamt about it as a child or have had any desires to do so. However, was I willing to at the end? Yes, because of my love for a man, I was willing to say God, if this is His call, then give me the grace.

Thanks for your note about the postedit. It was written when i was angry and bitter and resentful. God needs to help me take the pain away, I know it will get better each day and the night terrors will go away.

I will delete the postedit, as an act of faith that God can restore me, although I dont know if it is humanly possible.

Will you pray for me?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sharing. Now I have to reply you and I guess I still cannot sleep.
Please delete your latest reply (I've saved it). I'll reply you at teo.estee@gmail.com either tonight, tomorrow morning or sat cos it won't be easy to write. I need word of wisdom and revelation.
Try not to blog anything silly from now till I reply you.
Take care, favored one.