Watching Naked Women at Junkang's

"Fur coats and no knickers" - the catch phrase from our little movie, Mrs henderson presents. I know this is an old show, but basically I managed to dig out this old DVD, so decided to watch it with friends...

Raine, I and Peter headed for Junkang's house last saturday - to watch "Mrs Hendersons" on DVD. I didn't know it was a story about naked women performing for army boys during the war on stage until in the lift... at the bottom of the cd stated "M18, nudity" and upon reading the sypnosis, understood that this was a show about well, "tasteful art"...

When I noticed, I gasped aloud... my father heard it and I commented that I didn't know this had nudity in it. The next thing I knew he tried to take the dvd and hide it from me.

Reason: " Girl.. when you go guys house u cannot bring naked women picture to watch, it gives the wrong impression. Girls want to be treated with respect should act respectful. No RA movies."

Result: I snigger. My good old daddy acting up again. "Yes la dad, don't you worry. It isn't RA, it's M18 and my other friends are going with me, don't worry"

My father is just so cute trying to sneak the dvd away so won't walk down the "mired path". OK, so I digress. But it was an awesome time at Junkang's watching show! I love dvds! And the movie was pretty decent to boot!

Some pictures of our gathering: