Like NadNut, I hate Kenny Sia too! How dare he post such an unglam picture of me!? At least Xiaxue has the kindness in her heart to photoshop me and provide a decent facial reconstruction before posting pics of us online!

Anyway, last weekend all 10 of us met up at Ming's house for dinner! Yum yum! He bought in Indian food from Tanglin Club (OMG so good!)... 7 mins on the lips, 7 inches on the hips yah?

Bloggers United!

Mike, Wendy, Me and Julian

But anyway we had a good time pigging out and talking about the push up underwear Kenny bought from New Urban Male!

(Check out Kenny's blog for more explicit images of him in the underwear + check out his before and after shots, goody two shoes me won't post it up here!)

Being the oinks oinks that we were, we topped dinner off with like 24 sinful donuts from the donut factory compliments from KENNY SIA (NadNut lined up with him long long for it)!

How else to end the night better by bringing Kenny and his newest girlfriend (pictured below)

to Singapore's newest nightspot, St. James PowerStation! :) ... but before all that fun, of course our top blogger in Malaysia had to take a dump...

and while he did, the girls had their own fun.... (we sure can have fun without men!)

But we girls get bored too... so off we scooted to St. James! Mike actually had his company car that night, so we were well equipped with 2 cars -- ming's tank and Mike's. Off to a night of good, clean fun! We went to Bellini's, which is the jazz chill out room in St. James. Wendy and I got stopped by the bouncer because we didn't bring our IC but... thank God they admitted us in the end!!! KILLJOY!

Huiwen, Nadia, Wendy, SuAnn, Estee (bottom left pic) Nadia, Huiwen, Estee (bottom right pic)

Kenny with his HAREM of girls... man that lil' perv!

What better way to end the night by....


Kenny and SuAnn, come back to Singapore soon (they're Malaysian) to hang out with us! Thanks Mister. Ming for arranging everything and showing us a good time! :) Wooooooot! One more shot of fun flavoured vodka please! :)


Cobalt Paladin said...

Yes, I agree. That Kenny Sia ah, how can he showed such an unglam shot of you! I felt indignation for you!


Anyway, you and the rest seemed like a you had a wonderful time.

Beautiful people, wonderful time! :)

eStee said...

haha thanks my dear.. it was a super time! :) Thanks for sharing the joy!

Anonymous said...


did you just refer to DB as "baby"? OMA...that is so hilarious. You're settling down to being off the market. tres bien!!!


brian koh said...

hahahaha, indeed my curiosity piqued when i read that line too!

eStee said...

Wats DB?

Anonymous said...

You definately look nicer in person that kenny photos.

Kenny looks the same in pic and real life.

You should come up to kl one of these days.

eStee said...

Daniel: Yea, can u believe I have never been to KL in my entire life? I'm so suaku... (mountain tortoise!)

TheBeerCrusader said...


But i still feel that you like kenny in the way you write your blog post !

eStee said...

Gila babi: I know of course I like kenny sia! He's my friend, just teasing him only :) I like all of them! :)

Anonymous said...

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