9eek 9oddess pigs out with OLYMPIAN Swimmer

Finally back from Melbourne, with a stash of pics... ANYONE MISSED ME???

I'm all ready to upload and re-pimp my blog. Yes, I visited Mr. Joel Seah back in Melbourne, yes he left Singapore when he was barely, what -- 12? and went to Perth to train and study.

Joel Seah... OMGL.. (oh my good Lord) .. the last time I met this dude wa like when I was 3 years old.. I mean yes, but I remember him like it was yesterday... We used to climb the pasir ris spiderweb together... hell those were the days...

(oh by the way do you know I just visited the "spiderweb" again and this time it seemed so freaking PUNY??)

I take Dawn with me and we walk a couple of block to his house to find him waiting downstairs already.. (yes girls do have the right to show up late!)

OMG, this swimmer swooner has grown like humongous... look at the bod man... (imagine wash bod abs). You know the things I remember about swimmers from back in my days of AC were that they were sorta elitist... they had their own table in the cafeteria, wore low hanging jeans/berms.... (actually don't all ac boys dress that way?) and swaggered like they owned the world.

Yes, admittedly, I did have a crush on one or 2 of those high school heartbreakers at one time or another in my life... but they weren't exactly trophy material you'd wanna bring back to meet your parents immediately...

Yes I know... he is a HUNKYDORY!!!

So we went to this place nearby ... and... yes y did we choose it? Because there was a FREAKING long queue... and being the Singaporeans we are, Queue means gooooood fooood and.. haha of course, we decided in a heartbeat to settle for this...

Our table...

GUESS WHAT I HAD?????!!!@#%^&*#$%^&*
Yes, KANGEROO MEAT!!! .... OMG... I didn't really dare to order it...

I got Joel to order it for me... it just felt cruel ordering it... (though it was yummy to eat....) It tasted somewhat like overdone beef, nothing spectac, to be honest...

Dawn had a chicken Caeser's salad...

Joel had a baked salmon on potatoes... which was delish!!!


Of course, it would be incomplete without desserts!!

Then... off to his humble abode.. which wasn't very humble after all... Merrill Lynch pays for his service apartment in the heart of Melbourne city...

I want to move in!!!

Ya.. i know... it must be life right? In a bachelor pad all by yourself... with all the freedom in the world... hot guy,, hot bod in a nice house working for a good amount of kachings... But honestly, Joel is the most level headed banker I've met... and Dawnie can attest it it... *winks*

Joel, I miss you already... till childhood friends meet again! XOXO hottie!


Anonymous said...

Auntie...I'm back in the "little pimple". also ah, your facts sure die lah, all mixed up:

1)he's at ABN AMBRO not Merril Lynch; credit the right bank for being generous wei..

2) the desserts were profiteroles not cream puffs and the sorbet flavors were raspberry, green apple and mango...where you come up with coconut?!?!??!

In addition,

3) Yes, I can attest that Joel is a nice down-to-earth guy...I had dinner and drinks with him on 26th and had drinks and dinner with him last night before I flew back here.

4) You are an evil girl because you ate Skippy the Kangaroo...


miss you babes!


Shingo T said...

You were from AC too?

Come come, pay respects to your senior.

Melbourne sounds like fun, at least based on the way you describe it.

eStee said...

dawnie: of ABN AMRO... thats right...

oppps about the ice cream favours...

at leat I got the part about Joel being nice right...

I loved skippy the kangeroo...

SHINGO: Which yr in AC were u?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey eStee how have you been? haven't "read" from you since December 27, 2007.

Shingo T said...

Estee: Ah Gong graduated from AC long time liao.

When I was in JC1, remember Eunice Olsen was still in JC2.

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