Dressing Up

I'm going to dress Dorcas up tonight and transform her in the beautiful swan she is inside and has been hiding all along. Show her off to some boys, show them her swag :)

Tonight, we celebrate. Tonight, we live to live, just a little bit more. Tonight, we fly.


Isn't she gorgeous? We went swimming this evening -- then had the most awesome time at Witbier... then went to chong qing hot pot! Ahhhh the memories from chong qing hot pot comes flooding back.. has it been 6 months?

Pics from our KTV session. 3 girls being as crazy as can be. Dorky said I was emo. But really deep down, I just wanted to dance away all my worries. And that's exactly what we, or rather, I did :)

Need to hurry read lesson plan for tomorrow's session! Im so excited! XOXO

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