The Gift of Giving

I think it is truly better to give than to receive... today has been absolutely splendid!

After the session with the kids at Whampoa today, I felt as if I have found, yet again, my passion. It must be true that my heart lies with children. Somehow, I must have been born that way because there is no greater joy than to see a child smile. I think that the segment on the board games brought out the kid in me, I think I was more excited than any of the children present. It was fun!

I passed AJ the golf balls I had initially got for J. You see, I had to give it away. it was sitting in my car, reminding me of how even when overseas, I remember to get him something I'd knew he's like. Initially, I was apprehensive because I didn't know whether or not AJ would take it the wrong way -- giving him "2nd hand goods". But you see, I really couldn't allow myself to look at the balls any longer + I figured through my little interaction with AJ so far, that he must be a nice person enough not to be petty at taking someone's gift. it was brand new afterall!

I went with AJ for lunch and it reminded me that there may be good men left - maybe just a few of them, but they do exist.


I also had a massage over the wk, and my masseur said that she was OK with her husband cheating as long as he brought home the bacon and loved her children - REALLY?

What has the world come to? Is this the new standard to live by? I refuse. It is absurd. Completely unacceptable and unbelievable that a woman would allow that. She told me that the shorter a leash you put on them, the more they would rebel. Why even use the word leash???


Baby Camille is the most lovable baby. She smells lovely and has the most gentle personality. I think she will surely grow up to be a fine lady.

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